SUMMER 2013. Issue 6

SUMMER 2013. Issue 6

Self-Portrait: Elsa Dorfman

I always wanted to be arty and so it is a thrill to me that I was able to figure how to
live w/ a camera in my hand. I had always thought it would be w/ a pen or a selectric typewriter.
It was long before computers.
I was always interested in narrative, even the narrative of my own life.
Particularly the narrative of my life.
I still can’t understand the course of my life
or what anything meant, if it did mean anything
and I cant understand how come I wasnt plowed under by a mack truck.
I spend a lot of time thinking how did all this happen
this being work, family, getting up every morning.

A lot of time
worrying that bad things are around the corner.
Why not??

I lived in Roxbury till 1951.
Newton High School 1955
Jackson College @ Tufts University 1959
Paris 1957. Grove Press 1960
Elementary Science Study 1963

wrote Elsa’s Housebook 1974
No Hair Day
En Famille
Started to use Polaroid 20×24 1980