Fall/Winter 2015. Issue 10

Fall/Winter 2015. Issue 10

Self-Portrait: Emily Rapport


self-portrait with robot

I depict scenes of daily life that reflect a distinctly American experience: El tracks, store windows, fast food drive-thrus, houses and people. Painting is an active meditation on the symbols and experiences that connect us.

My work is representational, but the “feel” of the thing is more important to me than trying to create an exacting drawing. I enjoy working with the details of rust, wet streets, graffiti – broken down things have character, show proof of use and history. I am looking for something that tells a larger story and to imbue may be considered mundane scenes with an element of the sublime.

I try to return to the self-portrait every so often – it’s a grounding exercise as well as a remembrance of whatever life events are happening at that time.

WEB: http://emilyrapport.com