Fall/Winter 2015. Issue 10

Fall/Winter 2015. Issue 10

Submissions FAQ

All published work remains the property of the writer. We would very much appreciate it if you would mention that Run to the Roundhouse, Nellie was the first to publish a specific piece of writing, and if you are submitting a previously published work, please cite the publication. Thank you!

Please click each section to read about types of submissions. When you’re ready to submit, please proceed to the submissions form.


Readers’ House

Readers’ House features short-form memoir written by readers responding to a broad topic; a different topic will be specified for each issue.

The topic for the Fall/Winter 2015 issue is A BODY OF WATER.  If you wish to send a jpg of a photograph or illustration that relates to your piece, please send it directly to [email protected], indicating that it is to go with your writing.

Short-form is defined as 250 words or fewer. Writing for the Fall/Winter issue 2014 will be accepted until November 15. The author will be notified of publication. Accepted submissions will remain as part of the Run to the Roundhouse, Nellie archive.


If you wish to submit work, please click here: /submissions-faq/

Writing a Memoir

Writing a Memoir will feature one essay per issue written by someone who has wrestled with the issues of writing a memoir or a personal blog. We’re open to any slant on this subject with a maximum of 750 words. Please submit a short proposal using our Submissions form, selecting the option Writing a Memoir.  If your proposal is chosen, we will contact you.

There is a Comments function on the Writing a Memoir page for interested readers to comment on the essay.

Featured Interviews/Contributing Editors

Featured Interviews/Contributing Editors. We are eager to have contributing editors present memoirs that they consider valuable. You do not need to have published or written a memoir. You don’t even have to have declared yourself as a writer as long as you are able to put together intelligent sentences describing why the particular book you’ve chosen fascinates you and pose three or four questions for the writer.

If you’re interested in contributing to this section, please submit your proposal to the Contributing Editors option on our Submissions page, using the form supplied. Please let us know your choice of a memoir to feature, the questions that you’d like to ask the author, and your return e-mail. If your proposal intrigues us, we will contact you.

There is a Comments function after each featured interview for interested readers to comment on the interview or the memoir discussed.


Self-Portraits. The Home page of Run to the Roundhouse, Nellie features a revolving gallery of self-portraits from visual artists who have developed a body of work in this genre.

If you are interested in submitting work to the Self-Portrait gallery, please submit — via our Submissions form — 3-4 digital images as jpgs, 300 dpi with a resolution of 1000 pixels (1000 length for a horizontal image or 1000 height for a vertical) along with the medium of your work and your contact information.

We will notify you if we’d like to include one of your submitted self-portraits. We’ll add you to our roster of artists on the Self-Portrait page, along with your biographical information and a link to your web page, gallery, or site where you show or sell your work. There is no time limitation on Self-Portraits. They will be added to the revolving gallery and remain in an archive on our Self-Portrait page. The artist can, if he or she wishes, keep us updated on any new promotional information—and we’ll add that to your posted info.

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