The author of the novel, Juniot Diaz was born in the Dominican Republic and raised up in New Jersey. He wrote the book “The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao” and it won the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Critics Circle Award, 2008. The novel is set in New Jersey in the United States and it’s more of fiction and fantasy. Most of the story is narrated by Yunior de Las Casas who was a college roommate of Oscar and dated Lola. The midway of the novel is centered on the lives of Oscar’s runaway sister, Lola, his grandfather, Abelard, his mother, Hypatia Belicia. The story is also about the meditation on storytelling, masculinity, oppression and the Dominican diaspora.  The book chronicles the life of Oscar De Leon and overweight Dominican boy who grew up in Paterson in New Jersey who is passionate about fantasy novels and fiction of science alongside with falling in love as well as the curse that has overwhelmed his family for the gene.

Oscar de Leon, who is nicknamed Oscar Wao, is obsessed with science and fiction together with comic fiction and so he lived a desperate life since he could not find a woman from his young age. Oscar attends Rutgers University after completing high school. He attempts to commit suicide after getting bored with a girl and was rescued by his sister’s boyfriend. He survived again after jumping on train and graduates after recuperating and went to teach at his former high school and eventually moves to Dominican Republic where he falls in love with a prostitute, Ybon. Ybon becomes kind to Oscar but she declined his regular romantic ventures. Despite the individual powers that possessed by Oscar, he was over-controlled by the power of love due to the reason that he had powers of negotiation to persuade the girl of his interest.

Ybon’s boyfriend who is very violent as well as a police captain send two gangsters who kidnapped Oscar because he was jealous of him. Oscar was taken to sugarcane fields after by the goons and was beaten into a coma and was taken to heal in the United States by his family (Rebecca and Gehlawat). After recovering, Oscar borrowed money and went back to the Dominican Republic where he spends twenty-seven days pestering and writing Ybon. Ybon got horrified at first and softens and had sex with Oscar eventually and Ybon’s boyfriend goons and finds Oscar and killed him in the sugarcane field (Bruno).

The narrative power in Junot Diaz novel and the textual territory is convincing in such that in the numerous argument of the book conducted during public appearance and interviews, the author suggested severally that readers should have to consider the relationship between the narrator’s story and the authority exercised in the world. He asks, “Isn’t storytelling,” “the desire to put everything about the world in your power” despite his fear of the danger of the single voice when drawing his intention. This novel tries to incorporate and recognize the internal struggle as it incorporates the most paradoxical feature of the struggle. Junot talks about the competing of needs to challenge authority and to exercise it.

Yunior frames it in a way such that both reflects his own ambivalence toward those in authority and places it in a historical and quasi-mythic context before telling out the story of Oscar. Diaz knows better the dictators in the real world could be a greatly accomplished teller of tales. This is even seen in the ” The Feast of The Goat” in Mario Vargas Llosa’s  about the Trujillo’s assassins which occurred when the dictator attacked the church by turning himself into “one of the Satan’s most effective allies. The tyrant murdered, imprisoned, terrorized and subverted and erased the sense of identity of the immeasurable Dominicans. This was done for the purpose of stripping the Dominicans cognitive and physical control of their lives (Cengage).

From my opinion, dictators just know competition when they see it as well as same with the writers. “Like, after all, recognize like”. Diaz was aware of the Spanish and Latin word for dictator share the same Latin root as Edward Said handles on the relationship when he sees the sights “a constellation of linked meanings” of the statement “authority”, including “a power to enforce obedience or to inspire belief and a connection as well with author”. Said also finds the production, invention, and cause as the perhaps most pertinently to Yunior, “a right of possession”

The right of possession is also seen when Yunior identifies himself alongside with his own part of the story of Oscar “our narrative”, “my first draft”. He absolutely reasserts his authority when he refers to the writing process, other than his part in arranging the real textual landscape is mainly exposed when he comments on the basis of information and the events in the story. Yunior confesses openly in the footnote that as a narrator has exercised his power.

In conclusion, the novel “the brief wondrous life of Oscar Wao”, clearly shows how dictatorship manifests itself throughout the story. Yunoir does all means for him to be known as the owner of the book by saying, “my first draft” and this indicates dictatorship.

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